Saturday, July 14, 2018

32 weeks - 8 month mark

Wow 8 months pregnant. Didn’t realize it’s been that long since I posted. Just a quick symptom list, and then later this week I’ll post about the baby shower, which was 3 weeks ago today.

Sooo ready for next month. Mostly uncomfortable and short of breath now. Have meralgia parasthetica in my left leg, so all I want to do is walk around in short shorts or underwear. Have some back pain off and on. This little one inside likes to move a bunch! Last week, our bean was in the 55th percentile at 3 lbs 8 oz in weight.

I’ve started sleeping in a recliner in the living room (more in the recliner later). Also have placenta previa, but as I was already a scheduled c section due to the past surgeries, it doesn’t change anything. August 16th is my date. I’ll be 36 weeks and  5 days then. Only 4 weeks and 5 days to go!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

26 weeks 5 days pregnant

I’m getting closer, and it’s a wonderful thing. I have a round belly, and look pregnant. Ironically enough, I’m over the “being pregnant” phase, and ready to officially be a mom. Hopefully no earlier than August 16th, though. I’d prefer the baby  not have a NICU stay.

This little one is sitting in the nerve in my left leg, which is quite painful, but it will be totally worth it  in another 10 weeks when this one arrives.

I will find out with the next 9-12 days what date I will be scheduled for.  I will have a scheduled c-section due to past surgeries and a low placenta.

I have a very active little one who likes to move a LOT. Looking forward to seeing a face. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Huge post - Happy “almost Mother’s Day”

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and it made me realize how lax I’ve been at posting the lax few weeks. So here goes a huge update:

19.5 weeks - Anatomy scan. This little one did not cooperate. The tech couldn’t get a profile or a heartbeat, so I had to go back a week later for a follow up. They tried having me turn, giving me juice, juggling the transducer.... I have a hider. B kept looking and saying, “No paparazzi, no paparazzi.” I laughed and told him it is definitely your child, hiding from the cameras. Baby gave us its backside a bunch... so like B.  He said he wanted to know gender, so when I was safely ensconced in the bathroom, he was given the news. I told him he couldn’t tell anyone at all. So why does he tell my mother that he knows but can’t tell her, which gets her upset 😡. Then he tells me he doesn’t understand why I don’t want her to know. I’d like to be next on the knowledge list, so she’s going to have to wait. She said something to me about it the next day (about loving me anyway). I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to her as harshly when I told her to drop it. Seriously!?!?!

20.5 weeks - anatomy scan part 2. First pictures show baby with an arm covering its face. Baby just wants to be left alone 😂. I have a bit of a cough, so I’m addition to the turning and jiggling, the tech has me coughing every so often. She thinks she has the right pics, and leaves me on the table to check with the doctor. I am lying on the table having to pee desparately, and she’s gone a looooong time. 😳

21.5 weeks - someone at work makes me sick. Yuck! I’m out for the count for the next week and a half. Thank goodness I can work from home.  Cough still hasn’t gone away totally, but fortunately it’s become bearable. I bought a new inflatable neck roll, which is saving my life, since I have to sleep partially sitting up. I appear to have developed meralgia parasthetica, and have a pins and needles feeling in my left leg all the time, which is no fun to sleep on. Sleeping on the right side doesn’t really work either, as I can feel the pressure on my liver. Can’t wait for August. Starting to feel better. Go to a church fundraiser and put on heels for 2 hours. Couldn’t believe how I felt when they came off. My feet hurt for almost a week. Like achey bones. I’m done with them until this baby comes. That sucked.

22 weeks - let the swelling begin. It’s not crazy edema, and expected at this time. I don’t have very pronounced ankles to begin with, so they can disappear pretty easily. Starting to see indentations from my shores and socks when the come off. My boobs are even bigger; I may have to get a bigger size maternity bra. I’ve already gone from a DD to an E; hope I’m not hitting a G. At any rate that may be what I have to buy so that I don’t waste money on an interim size 😣.

I got kicked this week. Hard, and twice. Was sitting at my desk speaking with someone and felt it. She’s a work friend of mine, so I grabbed her hand, and she was able to feel the second one. She told me that if it’s a girl, there’s a Rockette in there.  I’ve started feeling nauseous again. Thought that was over.

My sister was bugging me for addresses for the shower, two weeks ago, but no one received invites as of a couple of days ago. I don’t know why she was bugging me, then.

My grandmother asked me what I wanted. I told her to tell me her range, and then I would tell her. Instead of doing that, she goes into the store and buys a whole bunch of little “nice-to-have” stuff instead of “need” stuff. I confess to being disappointed. I know that sounds ungrateful, but I can’t help it.

23 weeks - thought I was over morning sickness. What a lovely intro to Mother’s Day weekend. Will need to wear lots of makeup to hide the popped capillaries in my face from throwing up. Ugh. Took my niece to a festival in Central Park because I promised. Of course it rained. I didn’t factor in having to use a portable potty. So traumatized. I almost got sick again. She had a great time, so I guess that what matters most.

B’s eldest niece is having a surprise party next weekend. He gets a text from one asking if they can stay with us. I asked him to clarify “they”. My SIL originally told me it would be just the 2 sisters, but now they say they are bringing some of their kids. It turns out B has procrastinated on putting the bed that’s currently in the office (being converted to the nursery) into storage out of sheer procrastination. But now they will need to use it. Which means I can’t get anything done in there next weekend 😡. I really don’t want them to stay. They don’t clean up after themselves or their kids much. And the house is in a bit of disarray because we’ve been moving things around and it takes B forever to do anything. #TickedOff.

B’s finally weighed in on a girl name. We’ll see if he changes his mind like he does about the boy. I’ve kept pretty mum about names since we keep going back and forth. Think I’ll stick to that. He told me Happy Almost-Mother’s Day yesterday. Everyone else says Happy Mother to Be are something like that. He’s such a strange bird.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A difference

I almost named this post “fear”. Mainly because of the way I’ve been feeling. As the sickness wears off and my boobs hurt less, I was really starting to not feel pregnant. Burgeoning belly not withstanding, my mind was a barrage of all the things that could not be going right. Two weeks ago I started spotting, and ended up going for an ultrasound. Everything looked fine, and they said I’m just one of those lucky people that happens to. Fortunately, it stopped by the next day.

Now it’s been two weeks without an ultrasound, and every symptom that I look up that could mean something benign or concerning has me fearing the worse...

...Or, it did. I told myself to shake it off. Out loud. Told B how I was feeling and my fear, which helped a little to alleviate it. The rest of it was shaken off as I sat at my desk at work and felt three quick pulses a few inches below my navel as my baby moved for the first time.

What a difference a day makes. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

16 weeks pregnant

16 weeks and 1 day today. Had my OB visit 2 days ago. Doctor was trying to listen to the baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler, but was having a difficult time. I tried very hard to stay calm, and did a creditable job. He decided to switch to an ultrasound. There was the little troublemaker, behind the placenta (which is in front). The baby’s was facing my back with his/her butt in the placenta. Stubborn little thing didn’t want to be bothered. 😂 Everything else looked good. Bones are going through ossification, so the baby’s spine was clearly visible. Pretty cool.

I must say, now that I’m just like every other pregnant person and only getting monitored once a month, it takes a concerted effort not to worry about how things are progressing in the interim. The fact that my little stubborn one had to be physically seen took a major load off my mind. I also know it will be a waste for me to buy a home Doppler! Anatomy scan in 4 weeks !

Now that I’m officially out, I feel like I’ve popped. I have a round belly, not a little bump. I’m really not a huge fan of people rubbing my belly; yuck! I think I’m going to get a shirt that says “Don’t touch!”

Pregnancy symptoms: still very congested. Queasiness is tapering off, followed by indigestion.  Still having some bouts of insomnia. My boobs are seriously full and super sensitive. I went up a cup size. Went clothes shopping with a friend today. It was fun, and I have some new cute and comfy clothes. ☺️

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

NT/NIPT results, out and a little scared

I’m now 14.5 weeks pregnant. Hello, second trimester. NT and NIPT (cell-free DNA) results are in and no abnormalities were detected. Need to chat with DH, but I believe we’re going to forego the amniocentesis. No need to do anything with the risk of miscarriage.

I’m now out at work and to my friends. I haven’t made any social media declarations. Those will happen organically, as I show up pregnant in pictures.

Next prenatal is in 10 days. Going a whole month without a scan is super scary, especially as symptoms wane and I can’t feel movement yet. I tell myself to relax at least twice a week. Maybe I’ll get a Doppler. Or maybe listing my symptoms will help : increased appetite, pudginess, CRAZY fatigue, occasional cramps/round ligament pain, pregnancy congestion, increased saliva (like a Saint Bernard), vivid dreams, occasional nausea, constipation.  I’ve been told that I’m glowing, but I think that’s my Fenty makeup 😉.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Outing myself and NT Scan

So much to tell; I’ll go in order:

Outed myself to my family two weeks ago. My cousin in Italy cried and is already planning a shopping trip to Milan. She’s promised not to send anything directly to me until April. I tried for May, but didn’t want to stifle her enthusiasm. ☺️  I FaceTimed my grandmother to tell her. her first words were, “Oh, Thank you, Jesus, I’m so happy.”  She spent the rest of the call beaming while she had tears streaming down her face; almost made me cry.

One of my aunts screamed when she realized that I was putting in my order for a crocheted baby blanket for myself and not one of my friends. I think my ear was wrong for a while after that.

My SIL told me to wait a second, then dropped the phone. When she came back on, I asked her if she was crying. She answered “No” in a shaky, tear-filled voice. I laughed a called her a liar. Then she started fussing with B for not telling her when she spoke with her earlier in the week, which he promptly proclaimed to be my fault. 😒  The she hung up to tell her kids and her best friend, only to call me back in outrage when no one picked up the phone. 😂 She’s already putting in her vacation so she can be in the waiting room.

One of my cousins who lives close by told me she knew I looked different when she saw me. I told her it was my Fenty foundation.

Those are the stories that really stood out. It was a fun day, with lots of congrats and smiles. Once the trimester is over, I’ll tell my friends. Oh, and my job. Maybe that will help to explain me falling asleep in a video conference last Friday 😣  (I’m not totally pressed though; in my defense, it was scheduled for 11:30-3:30 with no lunch).

On Valentine’s Day, B gave me 2 dozen roses with a note that said “Love and kisses Mommy-to-be”.
Very sweet 😊.

“Morning” sickness ramped up last week, and at 11 weeks I threw up for the first time. Totally gross experience that I hope never happens again. Hoping the queasiness dies down so I can be more strategic about what I eat; I’ve already gained 11 pounds.

Had my NT scan yesterday at 11 weeks 5 days. I have even more sonogram photos that I’m trying not to spend a lot of time staring at. Both the OB and the ultrasound tech commented on how active this little one is. Looks like life is going to be interesting.

As of two days ago, I’ve officially graduated from the RE’s office. No more Progesterone shots! Thank goodness; since my upper outer quadrants are each one big bruise. Looking forward to being able to heal! I’m now a normal pregnant woman, at least on the outside. Mentally, I know what it took to get here, and am overjoyed. Even through the queasiness, fatigue, and round ligament pains.