Sunday, March 8, 2015

Trigger Happy

Sitting waiting to be seen for retrieval, so thought I'd recap the trigger. Last time I did it myself, but this time I told B that it was his job. 

Except it was one of his best friend's birthday weekends, and they were going to an after work thing, and he wasn't planning to be home at 11 when I had to trigger. I told him to go and I would do it myself. 

Mixing the HCG at 10:45, and in walks B. He came back specifically to give me the shot. Intramuscular with a 1.5" needle. He puts it in halfway. I tell him to keep going... and he pulls it out. I turn around more to ask him what he was doing, and he accidentally pricks me with the same needle right next to the spot he just pulled it from. Ugh!

Ok, third time... Halfway in again. I tell him to keep going... and he does ...very slowly. But finally it's in. 

He says he's ready to give me the progesterone shots, and the trigger was just a warm up. 

Lord help me. 😝

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